The TOUCH System

The TOUCH System provides and individualized basketball training program that combines our TOUCH philosophy with psychological training and techniques. This program includes:

1. Initial interview & unique goal setting process.

2. Individualized shooting program based on goals and challenges.

3. Weekly psychological training. (meditation/visualization) 

4. On court training. 

Ryan Sypkens -- Founder

Ryan Sypkens -- Founder

Certified Performance Psychologists

Founder Ryan Sypkens is a certified performance psychologist teaching our TOUCH System curriculum. 

TOUCH Shooting Performance Psychologist are Certified through KBME (Ken Baum Mental Edge Certification Program)

The 6-Step Power Cycle

Power Talk

This technique sends messages to the brain and body and builds feelings of success. Power talk affirms your ability to perform at your highest potential. 


Posture has a direct link to the brain and it dramatically affects your self-confidence and performance. Always assume the body posture you would have while competing at peak performance levels.


Use all sense to create vivid, three-dimensional images that can prepare you to train and perform at your highest level. This will form direct links to the body that increase the likely hood of turning those images into reality. 

Success History Search

Use the success history search to recreate vivid multi-sensory images of past successes and reestablish old connections between the brain and the body. 

Performance Cues/Anchors

Choose one or more cue words that, when combined with a physical movement, can signal the brain to instantly recall experiences of success and change your physical, mental and emotional state to that of one performing at peak levels.

Consistent Resilient Action

This is the difference between dreams remaining a fantasy and becoming real. This is the internal drive that will allow you to work harder, smarter, and more consistent towards your goals.