Basketball Training Trial Specials

TWO Class Trial:

New Basketball Students can try our 2 class trial and experience our unique approach to the game before making a long term commitment. This promotion is good for TWO 1-hour small group classes that must be used within 10 days of purchase. 

Tuition: $20


TOUCH System Course Package:


The TOUCH System provides and individualized program that combines our TOUCH philosophy basketball training with psychological training and techniques. This program includes: 1. initial interview & unique goal setting process 2. Individualized shooting program based on goals and challenges 3. weekly psychological training (meditation/visualization) 4. On court training. 

Perfect Course Package:

(Small Group)

The perfect curriculum course package focuses on developing and/or sharpening basketball fundamentals and building a basketball skills package on top. We pride ourselves on providing professional style training that is geared toward the needs of our individual students. This will be determined by the student’s goals, size, frame, and talent level. 

Fundamentals Clinic:

(Large Group)

The Fundamentals basketball clinic is a large group class that meets on Wednesdays and Sundays. This clinic is geared towards beginners and implements a rotating curriculum of fundamental basketball skills, drills and concepts. Students that complete our basketball fundamentals curriculum will have a solid foundation of fundamental skills and techniques allowing them to build a bright basketball future.