Training with the Greats: Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Phil Handy

Within the past 3 months, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to train with two of the greatest players to ever play the game (Lebron James & Dwyane Wade) as well as arguably the best and most respected basketball skill development coach in the world (Phil Handy); and from this experience there are three main takeaways that I would like to share with all of you!


1.     The Best are always hungry and humble.

You don’t get to the top by thinking you have it all figured out with nothing more to learn. Both Lebron James and Dwyane Wade had tons of questions and they displayed a true beginners mentality. The best believe in continuous learning and improvement.



2.     Excellence is in the Details.

After Dwyane Wade uploaded a post-workout photo of us on his instagram account, I had a flurry of messages asking me what he does and how he trains. Unfortunately I had to let everyone down by revealing that the greatest players don’t do anything different than what we all should be doing. The only difference is the attention to detail. Every repetition, every movement is perfectly executed and the work is as efficient as possible. There are certain principles that every movement and skill should adhere to when training.


3.     Working hard doesn’t always have to be work.

It was amazing to see the lively fun loving spirit that both great athletes possess. During the workouts, there was a lot of hard work, but also some joking, a bit of light trash talking, and a lot of competitiveness. Every drill was a competition, whether we were competing against each other or they were competing against themselves. They had a burning desire to always win. Competing and winning is fun. The process isn’t always fun, but we have a choice to embrace it as fun or perceive it as work!


Thanks for reading, let’s get to work!


Ryan Sypkens