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Gain the Mental Edge

The brain is the most powerful and least understood organ in the human body. Science has been able to measure many causations and correlations between brain processes and their effects, but the reasons why these phenomena exist and exactly how they work are often unknown. The thinking patterns that you train your brain to have directly affect everything about your life including your health, happiness, and performance potential.

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Practice makes Perfect? TOUCH is a lifestyle of perfection

I often get asked “what did you do to become such a consistent in-game shooter?” Most of the time they want a quick fix to their shooting mechanics and sometimes these quick fixes can make a huge difference! But the truth is – becoming a great shooter takes hours, days, months, years of relentless dedication and repetition – and like anything else a consistent jump shot must be built on a STRONG foundation. This is how you truly perfect your craft.

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Get in TOUCH: An evolved approach to an Ever-Evolving Game

The game of basketball, on any level, is never longer than 48 minutes. That’s less than an hour spent actually pounding the hardwood before you’re off to some shower, some other life. But thinking of basketball as existing solely between the four corners of the court is the first step to never being great at it. In fact, what if we told you that changing your psychology around how you think about hoops will not only make you a better player, but a better person tooled with the intangibles needed for success in various avenues of life?


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