SMART Goals -- Creating the mentality of SUCCESS one follow through at a time.

By: Ryan Sypkens

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting


S Specific goal setting is important. Setting vague result in little motivation and direction. Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish helps give a sense of direction.


M – Measureable If you can’t measure your progress then there is no way to track if you are moving towards achieving your goals. Assign a quantitative scale to measure your goal, whether it’s time, amount of money, how many pounds to lose in a given amount of time, or a shooting percentage increase, you must be able to track and measure it.


A – Adaptable and Achievable Goals must be achievable and adaptable. This means keeping your goals realistic. If you are 7 foot tall, the chances of you becoming and Olympic level gymnast are slim to none. Therefore this goal is not achievable. Adaptable means that they can be altered when needed in order to better fit the current circumstances.


R – Realistic Set a realistic goal. This goes hand and hand with achievable. Make your time table a realistic measure for you to achieve.


T – Time Based Goals must be time based and always have a different time limit. This gives a deadline and thus puts more pressure on the goal setter to take action daily. It is important to have a finish line and this will help you develop your plan of action or goal schedule.




Now that you know the guidelines of successful goal setting, do the following exercises to help get started:


1.     Write Down One Sport Goal for the season or off-season:


2.     Explain how each part of your goal satisfies each principle of SMART goal setting:


3.     Create a table that outlines your immediate or process goals to your long term or dream goal. Every long term goal should have a immediate, short term, and intermediate that helps lead up to reaching your dreams.


4.     List two places where you were post your goals so you can see them everyday.


5.     List one person you will share your goals with. Make sure this person will support and hold you accountable!


6.     Next, write down 3 goals that you have a high desire to accomplish: one sports goal, one academic and/or work goal, and one goal of choice (sport, academic, personal, ect.):


7.     Create a plan of action, and create a daily list of goals that will help you achieve. 

Ryan Sypkens