FREE Elite Skills X Shooting Clinic -- Sundays in Sacramento

           Living in the modern world of capitalism and individualism, it can be easy to lose sight of what truly drives you. It may sometimes seem like money, power, and the pursuit of individual glory triumphs all. There is nothing wrong with money, and if money is truly one of your top values, then it can be a powerful driver. But whatever you do, the single most important thing is to follow your passion. When you truly have passion for what you do, and everyday you get out of bed excited to get started, the money and success will follow.


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            I love basketball. The court is my true home and the process is my first love. I have become very aware of this and it has allowed me to keep my eye on the “WHY.” The first priority is always to help my students reach their highest potential. In addition, I have been able to surround myself with others who share a similar passion and drive.


            My good friend and mentor Coach Andre Woolridge also has a great passion for this game and has also dedicated his life to his student’s success. I have been fortunate enough to work with him side by side to raise the level of basketball in our area and give our students a better chance to live their dreams. Coach Dre believes that “kids are the future and we are not only teaching basketball, but also life skills. We are stressing important skills such as hard work, discipline, and resiliency.” Our mission is to build the skills and mentality necessary to become great in all of our students.



            It’s a privilege for us, Coach Ryan Sypkens and Coach Andre Woolridge, to be able to throw a FREE shooting and elite skills clinic every Sunday for the greater Sacramento community. This is our way of giving back and touching the lives of those that are less fortunate than others.


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Sundays 1pm-2:30pm


Ryan Sypkens