Get in TOUCH: An evolved approach to an Ever-Evolving Game

By: Isaiah Shelton, writer/content strategist 

The game of basketball, on any level, is never longer than 48 minutes. That’s less than an hour spent actually pounding the hardwood before you’re off to some shower, some other life. But thinking of basketball as existing solely between the four corners of the court is the first step to never being great at it. In fact, what if we told you that changing your psychology around how you think about hoops will not only make you a better player, but a better person tooled with the intangibles needed for success in various avenues of life?

This is Not a Drill

More than just shooting drills and on-court repetition, the TOUCH system offers a curriculum that implements a proven, mentally-disciplined, goal-oriented approach to training, unlike any shooting curriculum on the market. We aim to push the boundaries of conventional training and focus on thinking patterns, proprioception – the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation of the body –  and replication. The idea is that you can put up a million jumpers a day and never tap into your inner Ray Allen or Steph Curry. By emphasizing the concepts of discipline and accountability, and infusing them directly with TOUCH skill development, our curriculum proves to implement the mentality of success one follow-through at a time.

Our Story Proves the System Works

Ryan Sypkens - UC Davis 2009-2014

Ryan Sypkens - UC Davis 2009-2014

Ryan Sypkens, CEO and Syp’s Touch Shooting lead instructor, is somewhat of a basketball legend in Sacramento, California. Not only a standout talent in high school – having been selected to Sacramento’s All-Metro team upon graduating from Franklin High – Ryan went on to attend college and play D1 basketball at UC Davis where he worked his way into the starting line-up just a few games into freshman season. He then went on to break the single-game, single-season, and career three-point record at UC Davis, as well as the Big West Conference all-time career three-point record, all while leading the nation in three-point percentage.


If Ryan sounds like a shooting specialist, well, he is – but it wasn’t always that way. In the beginning of his career at Davis, Ryan was having trouble shooting and playing well on a consistent basis. He couldn't figure out what was holding him back. And given all his success leading up to that point, he knew it had to be something more than just physical skill.


Ken Baum - World Authority on Performance Psychology 

Ken Baum - World Authority on Performance Psychology 

Ryan was fortunate enough to run into an old family friend, Ken Baum, a world-renowned performance psychologist, and asked him for advice on how he could change his mindset to become a more consistent shooter and player. The concepts and techniques Ken taught Ryan – and which would go on to form the core of the TOUCH system – are directly responsible for his college and post-college success, with him having gone on to play professionally in Colombia, South America and Tokyo, Japan.




Now it’s time for Ryan to help others the same way Ken Baum helped him. As part of Syp’s special offer, you can sign up for a two-class trial for only $40 (one-on-one session), with small group sessions going for only $20. In both classes, students will unlock the 5 core principles of the T.O.UC.H. philosophy, which stems from the idea that strength and stability lies within the foundation. As Ken Baum first taught Ryan: in order to become great at anything, you must first build a strong foundation and perfect those aspects of your craft. In basketball, this foundation is referred to as fundamental or essential skill, which includes the mental skills and habits consistent with success.

If you are a shooter, want to be a shooter, or any other specialized basketball player, there’s no better place to cultivate your skill than Syp’s Academy – where students come away not only as better basketball players, but better people.

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